The Schütte Legacy


The Schütte Legacy

The Schutte Legacy is more than just a group of companies. it is more than just a family. It is the intricate nuances of trust and loyalty and the unpretentious gestures of generosity and passion. It is the fierce declaration of persistence and preservation and the sweet whisper of boundless love.

Our Values:
Within the Schlltte Family’s group of companies, is a well-established value system:

• Stewardship- Honesty, Punctuality, Willingness, Ownership, hardworking, Positivity and Passionate
• Piety – Philanthropic, Humility, Caring, Respect, Balance, Faith and Loyalty
• Integrity – Punctuality, Loyalty, Credibility, Wisdom and a Watch before your mouth.
The above mentioned values are the foundation from which our interactions and relationships stems. It leads to transparent communication and trust. Without trust we cannot be stewards of the SchUtte legacy and without respect there cannot be love
Our Vision
Our vision is beautifully crafted by the pen of our leader, Frans SchGtte:
• To anchor crystal-stewardship of our Genesis-inheritance in science, wisdom and worthiness so that an encompassed structured legacy of our family can be kindled with care and sustainability.
• Crystal – Transparency and steadfastness
• Care – Economy
• Genesis-inheritance – Collective name for talents/ gifts/ professions / trades/ science / Scripture and nature
• Stewardship – Responsibility and caution

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